In a world that continues to evolve with COVID recommendations, we’re dedicated to providing you with easy and effective ways to keep your mobility equipment clean and safe for continued use.

When cleaning your mobility equipment, it is important to remember to never use too much water, or cleaning solutions. A damp well wrung out rag is all that’s needed to keep your equipment clean. We don’t want to cause damage to the power features on your equipment by using an abundance of cleaning solution.

One of the easiest, quickest and least labor-intensive ways to disinfect your equipment is to provide a quick stray down with Lysol or other aerosol disinfectant. A quick spray after use is all that’s needed to eliminate some of those germs you pick up while in the community.
Another great way, while slightly more labor-intensive is by using sanitizing wipes. They’re wet enough to provide a good cleaning solution, but not so wet that they will damage the electrical. They also allow for easy disposal after use.

Another easy way to eliminate germs getting into your home is by leaving your mobility equipment in a safe place outside of your home, when the equipment is not in use. We know that this is not possible in all situations, in situations where you are dependent on your equipment inside and outside, we recommend making sure you spray the tires with a good disinfectant or putting a towel down, getting it wet with a cleaning solution (not bleach) and driving over the cleaning solution wet towel prior to entering the home. It will help eliminate a lot of cross contamination between outside and the inside of your home.

Keeping your equipment clean and sanitized is one of the easiest and safest ways to reduce cross contamination between the outside world your home. We hope you enjoyed these helpful tips! Stay safe!